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Small and mid-sized business owners are becoming more involved with local fundraising opportunities in their local communities, just as their corporate business counterparts are seeking to work with non-profits and other notable charities.

Of course as writers we realize that not all of those efforts are purely altruistic. We know (or we should know anyway) that these efforts are to show consumers that these businesses care about the same humanitarian causes as they do.

One of the things that many consumers have commented on in surveys conducted by different research groups is the fact that sometimes it’s unknown what causes are supported in a fundraising campaign, and that’s something that’s just unforgivable.

The most important aspect of any cause campaign is how clearly the cause is defined in the campaign’s copy. In other words how transparent is the cause that someone is donating to?

Here are five things that your fundraising or cause copy may be missing…

Missing the Mark

Before you even commit to having someone write the copy for your cause campaign, are you aware of whom your potential donors are? If you answer no, then how can your copy be crafted to target potential donors?

  • Are you writing to women, men or both?
  • What age and level of education do they have?
  • Where do they live?
  • What’s their income?

You’ll need to answer these questions and possibly a few more for your campaign’s copy to be effective.


Its pretty easy for someone to write their own campaign message, post it on a site and add a donation button with that page’s copy and wait for the donations to come pouring in right?

Well you’d think it would work that way but the reality is that it really doesn’t, in fact this is the kind of approach that falls flat on its face, and the reason is because the copy isn’t very persuasive.

Your Opening Copy is Weak

You have a worthwhile cause that you strongly believe in and you have your copy written and it’s live on your site, and your business is partnered with a regionally known non-profit that works closely in your community.

But so far your cause campaign donations are coming in slower than a 100-year-old tortoise crossing the finish line in a race against a rabbit! And you’re scratching your head because you can’t figure out why?

Again it could be in your copy, specifically in its opening introduction. This is where your most compelling copy should be…right in the very beginning of your campaign’s opening message.

This is where you’ll catch the attention of your prospect, and if it’s well written your prospect will actually read it.

Is This Thing On?

Ever wonder if anyone’s actually reading your blog’s content? Well honestly they may or they may not. If your prospects aren’t bothering to read what’s being written in your cause campaign copy, it might be due to their lack of connection with the copy.

Generally speaking your readers should be interested in what you have to say on your site, otherwise they wouldn’t be there in the first place. But there’s a difference between what you may write for a blog post, and what a professional copywriter may write for your cause campaign copy.

So if you wrote your campaign message and you’re not getting the response that you were expecting, you may want to consider taking on the services of a professional to write the copy for you.  

Do They Know What They Should Do Now?

You’d be surprised how often this happens. A potential donor reads about your cause and they’re excited and they’re ready to take the next step…but do they actually know what that is?

Not if you haven’t clearly stated what they need to do now to help your cause reach its goal. In order to get your potential donors to actually part with their cash or write that all important check, YOU have to make sure that you have an obvious Call to Action as the close to your campaign copy.

And speaking of Calls to Action here’s mine…

If the copy for your Cause campaign isn’t cutting the mustard, I can help you spice it up a bit.