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Hi everyone.

The years almost over and as we head into 2012 expect to see a weekly post about things happening in the industry on a regular basis going forward.

So here are a few things that I thought were very buzz worthy, and the first thing to talk about is this article written by , on the site Search Engine Watch and the article is called Search & Mobile Marketing Trends: SEO Apocalypse 2012 and in the article Martin make his predictions of what to look for in search trends for 2012. I’m not really into using mobile device for anything other than making a phone call, but for those of you with your umbilical chords attached to your smart phones you’ll find this article a good read.

Rich Fraiser has an article called5 Expert SEO Tips for 2012 and some of the tips that Rich talks about includes Content, SEO Consulting and sharing content via Twitter, Facebook and Google +.

Infographics are fast becoming a way of disseminating information in a way that would just take too long to do in a single article. As someone who depends on earning a living via using words on paper, I find the approach to using Infographics as an alternative to sharing information but not a replacement for the professional content writer. That being said I found this Infographic on 12 Gifts to Give your Site This Christmas very entertaining and informative.

And this last item is another nod to the use of smart phones and the article focuses on using mobile aps to help build your brand.

Well that’s all for this Industry Buzz Update and hopefully I’ll have another one set to go for next week.

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