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As I was searching for news about anything to do with Content Writing, SEO, and at the moment Social Media (when I look at the term, it seems so undefined right now…maybe it’s because I’m dead tired…I’m not sure) but I came across this article by on Copyblogger that caught my attention.

The article is called Are Social Media “Experts” Worthless? and the topic was started after media maven Gary Vaynerchuk started a heated debate by making the following statement…

“99.5% of social media experts are clowns”

Well needless to say this little statement started an all out war on social media and what a Social Media expert really is. One writer was even quoted as saying “anyone who does it for a living should “go die in a fire.


I’ll go and start my fireplace immediately thank you. Another heading in this post asked the question “Is “social media expert” a stupid thing to call yourself?

Well maybe it is and maybe it’s not, I guess that’s all in the eye of the beholder right?

The one statement that I can wholeheartedly agree with in the answer to that statement is this…”Businesses that need help with blogging strategies, content marketing, social networking presence, and real-time PR usually don’t know enough to look for those terms.

So just what term should they be looking for?

I don’t know, but I’ll think of something, as I want to reposition this business to target theses types of clients…maybe “Social Media Nostradamus” will work?

Here is what it comes down to for any small or large business to understand about the use of social media…there’s more than one part to the overall package, and so you need the help of somebody who is at least somewhat familiar with the workings of the machine, and make no mistake social media is fast becoming (if not already) a machine that is rolling over traditional forms of business marketing.

Just take a look at how many recognized brands are utilizing Facebook advertising to one extent or another…remember when Facebook was just about connecting with friends that you’d lost touch with?

Trust me, I like DiGorno Pizza, but it’s not my friend!

One thing that I’ve noticed is that big business and certain industries still cannot seem to wrap their heads around the concept of social media and how it can help their businesses grow because of the advantages that it provides.

I know about one industry in particular that makes my case for me about industries that don’t get the importance of social media to their businesses and that’s the Fragrance Industry, and I’m going to get very specific now as I target the smaller scale fragrance companies and the vendors that they do business with.

And I’m able to make this statement because I was a cog in that business for almost 17 years, working for a company that made fragrances for customers and bought the oils and powders that were necessary to go into these finished products from vendors that sell these specialized products.

I’ll leave you all with this simple message…While there may not be a perfect name that’s associated with people working in the area of Social Media, for those of you with businesses that are getting less than the desired results you expected from social media… because you’re doing it on your own…just stop it right now!

Find someone who actually uses the tools of the social media trade with some level of competence, again I’ll stick with “Social Media Nostradamus” for the moment, and hire that person or business right now. Their job is to help you grow your business brand on the web,while you do whatever it is you do to run your business each day. Give things a chance to grow and bear the sweet fruits of BSER (Better Search Engine Results) because that’s what you want for your social media investments in the first place.

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